How to get more ROI from your print!

Fidelity’s advanced print and marketing solutions will help you get more from print.  With our advanced knowledge and technologies, beyond the average printer, we can show you how to use new marketing techniques to get better results from your print budget.

Personalised Printing for marketing communications with meaning and direct mail with a difference

Create more meaningful communications for every customer or prospect with intelligent variable data publishing. Combine data with creative artwork to compose unique 1:1 marketing documents, specifically personalisation relevant to each individual recipient. Breathe new life into direct mail, marketing letters, transactional documents and even marketing literature with personalisation and variable content.

Go further than simple name and address personalisation by applying intelligent logic based variables to vary graphics, offers and layouts for each recipient. With variable data publishing the possibilities to create targeted, relevant communications are limited only by your imagination.

You can benefit from variable data (or personalised) materials within your marketing portal or directly with Fidelity as an individual print campaign.

  • Using data and incorporating other media
  • Both images and text can be personalised to the recipient making the mailer novel and the recipient feel more valued.
  • By integrating other media such as your website, you are providing a means by which to measure the response rate of your mailing.

In the campaign above we used a specific landing page for registrations and gave the recipient their own personal code which when entered loaded their personal details into the form, limiting the amount of work they needed to do.

Just add any of these for even better ROI

Image personalisation – catchy but cheesy!

There are many ways to catch the attention of your recipient using VDP but image personalisation has to be the most amusing. We consider it a bit cheesy but that’s probably because we notice it around more and we’ve definitely seen examples of it being used badly. Done correctly and for the right reasons and with the correct audience – it works very well and will certainly deliver much higher response rates.

QR Codes

Code readers are increasingly being pre-installed on smart phones such as Apple’s iPhone, Android and Symbian. These codes are a handier way of getting to a website than typing in a URL and can be customised for different marketing campaigns, media, locations or even individual recipients. Using an analytics dashboard it’s possible to track where users have clicked in from. For the first time it can be shown that someone has been influenced directly by print. Imagine knowing which particular poster piqued a passer-by’s interest or which edition of a magazine someone responded to.

Personalised Purl’s (PURL’s)

PURL’s bring direct mail and the internet together in an online offline marriage. Placing a PURL on a mailer or email maximises the power of the internet for that medium. Unique web pages for each individual recipient creates a personal and engaging tactic that will get many recipients clicking through.
If you would like to make budget busting improvements to your print, please contact us to discuss the range of solutions we can offer.