8 Top benefits of using digital print for business

When starting or growing a business, it’s easy to ignore print, aside from the necessary business cards and letterheads, BUT are you missing something? Not only does print remain a powerful and effective way of delivering your message to your audiences, it has continued to evolve and, time and time again, delivers a better return on your investment than any other channel.

Here are 8 top benefits of using digital print?


No plates or films required so NO set up cost means you can print just what you need – just when you need it!


It’s instant so our same and next day services can provide fast response times for reactive marketing, ‘just in time’ delivery or plain old arse covering when you’ve forgotten or been let down. We can print business cards in under one hour!


No minimum order either, so test and measure results and ensure your info stays up to date; no need to stock up or bin of out of date materials!


Our digital print quality is indiscernible from litho print quality and following the acquisition of the Xerox Versant2100 advanced digital production press we are the highest quality digital printers in Bedford and the surrounding area – and we can now accurately colour match to Pantone standards – a first for digital print! (if you don’t believe us – request a sample!)


No chemical waste and CO2 generated in the manufacture and distribution of our paper is offset by our donation to The Woodland Trust to plant native British trees right here in the UK. You may use the specially developed Woodland Carbon logo on your print to reinforce your own brand values.


Combining print and data to create personalised direct mail allows you to segment audiences and send specific, personalised messages to each recipient. This gives you­­­­ better insight into your customers’ behaviour, rewarding you with an increase in sales and profitability.


One of the oldest channels of marketing, direct mail campaigns, have lost favour over recent years to be replaced by a combination of email marketing, social media campaigns, and other forms of digital marketing. Digital print and personalisation has given direct mail channels a huge boost and given the general decline in use of direct mail, your catalogue, leaflet or letter now stands a better chance of being read rather than thrown straight into the recycling bin along with other marketing materials. All you need to do is get the print design right – and then you’ll see your direct mail response rates increase by 30% or more… To find out more get your FREE Print Marketing guide here


Omni-channel marketing combines print, email, web pages, QR codes, PURL’s and mobile marketing to create engaging, personalised and uniquely measurable communications proving increased ROI and lower CPA. Find out more about Omni-channel marketing

If you are looking for inspiration, direction or would like to improve your response rate from direct mail or lower your cost per acquisition please contact us to discuss how we can make your print budget work harder.

We also offer a FREE PRINT AUDIT to see if we can improve efficiencies in your marketing or increase the return on investment of your current budget.