Creating corporate or product training course materials?


We support companies like yours by designing training materials and providing personalised training manual printing on demand. We can also help you to market your training courses and add value to your training materials.

Whether you deliver training courses online or in person you may not have a requirement for printed materials. No doubt considered a cost saving but are you missing something?  Online training courses require the trainee to sit for long periods of time in front of a screen, usually during working hours, and once delivered are not something trainees can dip into thereafter for quick reminders.  Also digital training can be expensive and aside from the qualification or knowledge gain offer no tangible quality to the investor. By providing printed training materials alongside digital training the trainee has the convenience of choosing when they read, the environment in which they undertake their learning and have something to refer to thereafter.

Print is currently making a huge comeback and is much in demand by millenials (to whom you may be marketing your courses). Printed manuals or training materials can also add value to your course and by packaging training course materials you can create a much more valuable proposition to your trainee and the company you are marketing your services to.

“Eek” I hear you say, “I don’t want the extra cost of buying all those training manuals and then having to store them, and then what happens if I change a part of my course? I’d have to bin them, no way!”

Not so! We provide our clients with short-run digitally printed training materials from 10 + tailored to your company, venue, and they can be personalised to the delegate or trainee.

  • Work books and training manuals can be printed in A3, A4, A5 and A6 sizes on paper from 90gsm – 350 gsm.
  • Range of finishes including wiro bind, Canadian bind, booklets, square back booklets (like perfect bound but without the expense!), folders personalised with labels, ring binders personalised with inserted covers and spine, with personalised tab dividers, covers laminated, self adhesive pockets added to contain DVDs.
  • We print from PDF, Adobe, Microsoft files including Powerpoint or can provide design services for those wishing to augment their presentation skills.
  • We can produce short-runs and print on demand for ‘just in time’ delivery.
  • We can personalise materials to company, course, delegate as required.
  • Delivery direct to the venue next day by 9am /12 noon / 4pm.
  • Same day printing is also possible when orders are received by 12noon.
  • If you would like printed training materials to be accompanied by stocked items such as note pads, pencils/pens, name cards, lanyards, name badges, tent cards, roller banners, CD/DVD duplication we offer that on a print on demand or storage and fulfilment service too.

How can we help you market your training courses?

As I said above, print is becoming more popular again and is currently an underused channel with little competition. It can offer huge benefits particularly when used as part of your marketing strategy alongside digital media. Personalisation allows you to target individuals with direct mail and when used as part of a cross-media campaign it can be the driving force behind course applications, delegate registrations and event attendances. When your recipient receives their personalised mail it can offer courses geographically close to their location or specific to their industry or qualification – given that they wish to sign up, all they have to do is visit the booking page on your site and input a reference on their mail and they’re all booked in – you email or mail them the details or course. Further to that, you can send them to a personalised URL ( and all they have to do is click ‘book’ because all their info is loaded ready for them. Easy. This is part of a cross-media campaign, so further to this you can collect their email address on that booking form and email to thank them for booking.  If you already have an email address you can create rules within your cross-media campaign to send a email reminder for recipients to book a couple of days after sending the personalised direct mail. Cross-media can be used to create lifecycle marketing with rules built to dispatch different messages and media throughout the course of a marketing campaign.

If you would like to meet us and find out more about our training manual printing or marketing solutions please call us on 01234 907907 or contact us below.