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DESIGN it – Get your ideas to market faster

If you want to get a new product or service to market you are probably thinking of it terms of a brochure, leaflet or poster, you probably need it designing and printing quickly! Perhaps you are designing it yourself in Word or using online templates? This isn’t necessarily the best way to represent your brand or get to market and it isn’t always the quickest!

Putting together marketing materials yourself can take up a lot of your time and may not deliver the results you hope for, or give a great return on your time; which would probably be better used elsewhere! How do you know if you’re getting the right message across? Does your design pitch the style and value of your brand accurately? Does it convey the level of your product or service? Does it have a strong call to action? Is there a single message or is it a muddle of everything you do? Are you marketing all your products or services to everyone? What is its purpose and does it have a simple message, call to action, response mechanism and outcome? How will you measure its effectiveness? If it was more professional in its execution, do you think you could you charge more for that product or service?

So many questions! Luckily we have all the answers…

“I know what I want”

At Fidelity we offer a personal and professional design and print service to help people like you get products and services to market fast. If you have content for your brochure or leaflet ready, our ‘done with you’ service can create a professionally finished marketing piece for you in a just a couple of days, or faster if needed – leaving you with spare time to do what you do best.

Just contact us for a quote, send what you have ready and we’ll give you a price to design and print what you need for the deadline you set.

“I don’t know what I want”

We have many years experience in helping small businesses market themselves so we are on hand to advise you how to get the right best results with our ‘done for you’ service. If you don’t know where to start, we can spend time getting to know you, your aims and objectives for the project and the recipients’ expectations in order to provide a marketing piece that will resonate with your audience and drive the desired response.

Just contact us and arrange a consultancy and we’ll get you started.