We’re not an anonymous voice on the phone, or an email footer – we are real people, we are family and we are local. Most importantly, after 24 years in business, we know what we are doing when it comes to design and print.

(did we mention we have work dogs?!)

Louise Hodge


Simon Hodge


Emily Banting Estimating & Customer Service


Estimating & Customer Service

Fidelity Print

A specialist design and print agency helping small business owners and marketers differentiate their brand through fast, effective and memorable print marketing.

Fidelity Photo

A professional photo printing service for photographers to create and share memorable photo prints and gifts via online software, mobile app, or in person for collection in-store.

Fidelity Weddings

Personal branding for your wedding ‘done for you’
to create beautiful memorable wedding stationery suites from ‘save the date’ to ‘thank you’
– no fuss, no frills and definitely no big bills,
just your big day all ways.

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