People see thousands of messages everyday through email plus social media, SMS and on the web…
how do you make sure they see yours?

With Personalised Direct Mail

Personalised direct mail not only delivers the highest response rate of all media channels, more so when combined with digital, but it is also a trusted medium by all audience age groups and the only channel that allows you to market by stealth – put your message through the letterbox – there won’t be anyone else there to compete with!

According to the latest DMA data, Direct Mail response rate is 5.6%, compared to 0.6% email, 0.5% paid search, 0.9 online display, and 0.6% social media and when combined with digital channels, omni-channel marketing campaigns experience a 118% lift compared to using direct mail alone.

Data available for direct mail lists is much more mature where email data is still unreliable – building your data has never been more important.


Personalised direct mail is not limited to big business!

Starting with basic data, that we can help you start collecting, even small businesses can create intelligent direct mail campaigns that build data and help to grow data that can be utilised with other media channels such as email marketing and social media. Go further than simple name and address personalisation by applying intelligent logic based variables to vary graphics, offers and layouts for each recipient. With personalised printing the possibilities to create targeted, relevant communications are limited only by the imagination.

It doesn’t have to be big or expensive to be effective!

You can start with simple postcard marketing which is proven to be the most read or scanned printed mailer. They don’t take much time to read and a well written short message will be as effective as the messages you send via social media or emails. Postcard marketing is the cheapest form due to size and postage costs. Both images and text can be personalised to the recipient making the mailer novel and the recipient feel more valued. By easily integrating other media such as a website landing page, you are providing a means by which to measure the response rate of your mailing. Lumpy mail or dimensional mailing has also proven to be a great success that can outperform standard mailings by 250% (DMA).

Work with Print Experts

We have lots more to tell you – Fidelity’s print marketing solutions will help you get more from print and other channels.  With our advanced knowledge and technologies, beyond the average printer, we can show you how to use new marketing techniques to get better results from your print budget. If your print provider is not offering you these solutions, it’s time to join the 21st century!