Project Description

branding design and print of Ampthill Rugby Club new image


Ampthill Rugby Club’s 1st XV team have been rocketing through the leagues to The Green King Championship and as such have required the level of their brand to increase alongside. We updated the logo for the club when they were last promoted to give Ampthill a more than equal appearance to the clubs they are were then playing against, and this promotion required a further increase in the perceived value of the printed Match day Programmes, which we have also redesigned – the 32 page full colour program content is received on the Friday morning,  art worked, printed and delivered by 5pm ready for next day play! We do try! (apologies for the pun).

The whole site has been invigorated by the committee and we have been on-side to provide new signage, pitch side advertising boards and event posters.

This promotion also required ARUFC to provide official tickets. Due to the risk of counterfeit tickets we have added a security layer to the tickets which shows up under UV light and cannot be replicated easily.

Solutions include

  • Branding and design
  • Same day digital printing
  • Match day programmes
  • Advertising posters for events
  • Club signage
  • Pitch side advertising boards
  • Secure ticket printing
Thank you for all the efforts to get our marketing materials of Ampthill Rugby Club up to a very high standard. Your complete re-design of our image and brand along with updating our match day programmes and posters have been excellent. Your speedy print delivery is also faultless, particularly with the tight deadlines we get you to work with. You may also like to know that we have highly recommended your business to other local organisations.
Marketing Committee Chair,, Ampthill Rugby Club