In a world where it is difficult to gain someone’s attention, let alone keep it, it is important that your printed media is as attractive and attention grabbing as possible so that people not only take notice initially but also retain you and your marketing message. Equally, if you consider yourself as a premium brand, producing standard print is going to leave you disappointed by the results. You need to ‘bling’ your print to convey your brand’s aspirational qualities but with the limited options available via online printers, many small business owners and marketers can be left wondering how they achieve something far better….

So, how do I attract attention with print?

Going for GOLD (or silver or white)

We now print in shimmering gold and silver metallics, the brightest white and clear toner to deliver high quality printed products to elevate your brand! Our vivid inks look fantastic on everything; labels and tags, menus, packaging and especially wedding stationery!

premium print services in bedford gold foiling print

Ah ha! Foiled again…

Adding foiled highlights or floods in gold, silver, metallic, holographic or bright colours can create an expensive look and elevate your brand’s print or packaging way above that of your competitors!

range of alternate paper and media

Stand out from the norm

99.9% of printed stuff is on standard paper. Boring. There are many alternative papers, boards and media available from uncoated papers to textured paper, coloured paper, pearlescent, glitter and metallic papers, waterproof and wipeable plastics, magnetic paper, craft board… the list goes on.

die-cut shaped printing

Think outside the square

99.9% of printed stuff is on standard rectangular paper! Equally boring. Shaped print can be great fun, attract attention and vastly increase retention periods. Create custom dimensional elements such as envelopes, door hangers, flip cards, shaped magnets or boxes for your brand that invite interactivity and retention.

security printing for tickets certificates

Shine through

Adding UV varnish highlights will enhance your logo, taking it ‘off the page’.  A shine can be added to products or elements that may naturally have a reflective surface to make them stand out from the paper. Varnish can also be used to create secure print, the clear varnish can be checked with a UV light.

create prototypes before printing

Packaging & prototyping

We cna create any size, shape and finish of packaging from concept through prototype to production. If you are committing to a expensive or large run of print, use our skills and in-house print and die-cut service to create a prototype of your upcoming product.

If you’d like to get hands on with some alternative ideas, please drop in-store to our ‘Printspiration’ centre where we have literally everything on display for you to touch, stroke, scrunch, peel and fold until your heart’s content…

Get some printspiration at our great design and print centre in Bedford



Whether you’re starting a new business or an old marketing hand looking for new ideas please feel free to drop in and browse our ‘printspirational’ ideas for branding, business marketing, retail and display.  There are many different papers, substrates and media as well as examples you can use for inspiration.

We pride ourselves on our knowledge of all things print and how it works with online digital marketing.  We don’t charge for our knowledge, we’re happy to ‘pay it forward’ and ensure that our customer-focused personal service, range of creative skills and adaptability to deliver you the right solution, on time and budget – every time.

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