Fidelity Quality Policy

Fidelity’s aim is to provide exceptionally high quality, colour accurate digital print accompanied by unbeatable personal customer service and reliability, whilst embracing the latest digital print technologies and supporting media.

Our core philosophy is to help our clients create successful visual marketing campaigns by offering a range of media, including websites, email and direct mail, executed to the highest possible quality.

Fidelity is committed to the continual improvement of its quality performance and comply with the requirements of ISO9001. From the initial contact with a customer to the design, printing, finishing and all the way to the delivery, Fidelity ensures a high standard product that is carefully checked and monitored.

We will achieve and improve this by measuring:

1. customer satisfaction based on number of complaints, repeat business and profit

2 .the number of jobs successfully delivered on time (currently at 100%)

3. waste produced by reprints (and work to minimise this)

4. product rejection and credit notes (currently 0)

5. customer satisfaction derived from our service and communications

We will also:

6. provide appropriate training to all employees whose activities have a significant impact upon the product and services provided by the company

7. make the quality policy publicly available and ensure that it is communicated throughout the company

Signed:   Louise Hodge - Managing Director     (Director)                           Date: 5.7.2012