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BRAND it – Get your brand right first time and on everything you need to market your business.

Is your brand tired or letting you down? Perhaps you’ve lost momentum or direction after a couple of years in business and need a brand boost – but you don’t know where to start? Maybe you are attracting the wrong clients or would like to appeal to a more aspirational market so you can increase your prices? Have you or your employees lost sight of who ‘you are’ and what your brand stands for? Did you ever know?

Your brand isn’t just about your logo but the whole concept of you, your ethos, culture, what you offer and who to – your logo is the outward representation of all of those things and skipping those important aspects, as is often the case, ensures a mismatch; guaranteeing a later rebrand. It is of the upmost importance that you are involved in designing your brand and you do not hand it over to someone thinking they know better, they don’t know you or your business like you do. Picking a logo from a ready made online service in order to ‘keep it cheap’ or ‘just get up and running’ can be the biggest mistake a business owner ever makes.

If you value your business and want to create a brand that will succeed, start it the right way.

At Fidelity we use a unique brand divination process to discern who you are, create your mission statement and work out who your customers really are and where they are to be found. Then we create your brand based on relevant colours and styles, mission and who you wish to attract. We are also perfectly positioned to apply your brand through all of the marketing media and materials you need to connect with your audience thereafter; leaving you free to do what you do best. In fact we offer a complete business marketing program to help you achieve this.

If you are not happy with your brand or the performance of your business and would like to discuss how a brand boosting redesign could be the way forward please book a free 30 min consultation to see how we can help. We have a couple of slots per day put aside for new business consultations so be quick and grab one.

Call 01234 907907 or email quotes@fidelityprint.co.uk to book a consultancy or find out more about our complete business marketing program that gets you business straight to market with all the media you need.