Get back to business safely with our ready-made Coronavirus social distancing print, posters & signage solutions

You should be thinking about how you will adapt your premises to meet the new social distancing expectations and make your workplace environment safer for staff and customers alike.

As an ISO9001 certified company risk assessment is at the heart of our ethos, so we’ve already run our own risk assessment and, whilst were there we gave yours a thought too, and we’ve put together a range of commonly required ready-made designs with all the right information on ready to go for your convenience. If you’d like them to look on brand – just tell us what colour background you need to match your brand colours and send us your logo – if we don’t already have it! If you need to get extra information across, just tell us what you need and we’ll adapt it just for you!

So, what will you need when reopening your business to staff and the public?

Share your social distancing policy using:

Update your customers with the latest information and what is expected of them whilst on your premises

Posters & window graphics
A great way to communicate your social distancing policy as customers and staff come and go from your store or office. We already have the poster designed with the information you need to impart, you can choose your background colour and add your logo to make it fit your brand. (A4, A3, A2 sizes recommended depending on the space you have available.)
Posters are available on 150gsm paper in A4 – A0 sizes

We also provide a great temporary vinyl product that is ‘easy on – easy off’ which is easy to fit and remove for anyone.

Roller banners
If you do not have window or wall space to communicate your social distancing policy information we also supply the same template information on a freestanding roller banner.

A boards with posters
You can make people aware of your social distancing policy whilst queueing outside your premises, we can supply a pavement A board along with two information posters

Washable foamex boards
Add new signage inside or outside your premises, we can supply foamex boards from A4 to A0 that can be mounted to the wall with screws or sealant blobs. The foamex boards are washable and wipe able – ideal for the current situation.

Manage people’s access and movement with:

Floor tapes and graphics
If you need to manage queueing and access to your premises externally we can provide ready designed floor graphics and tapes for all surfaces. For internal floors a low tack low slip potential ‘easy on – easy off’ product is available that will not damage flooring and is easily removed – ideal for more temporary installations.

Manage in-store information with:

Wipe able and washable menus and info sheets
Should customers need to use printed information, whilst in a restaurant for example, we provide printed menus and info cards on a washable and wipe able paper.

Table talkers and tent cards
Do you have areas or tables not currently in use? You can highlight these using tent cards asking ‘do not sit here’. Again, these can be provided as a washable or wipe able product.

Table mats
Table mats could create issues with hygiene – we can provide low-cost disposable table mats or these can be provided as a washable or wipe able product.

Highlight areas not to sit with simple seating stickers ‘Please do not sit here’ or remind customers and staff to ‘wash their hands’ with mirror stickers in your toilet areas.

Use in-store posters to remind people to keep their distance and wash their hands for 20 seconds (see our ready-made poster designs for this)

Manage till areas to protect your staff:

Strut cards
Convey information at the point of purchase to remind customers to keep their distance from staff and pay by contactless or card.

Counter top screen
Protect your staff with a simple counter top screen. We can provide these ready to go with ‘see through’ graphics ready applied.

We can help

If we can help you get back to business safely please contact us on 01234 907907 or email

If you already use us you’ll know that we can provide these products next day and we will be further prioritizing such products to ensure our customers are not delayed in opening their businesses. If you need something we haven’t offered, again, as you know, we can very quickly design and print whatever you need for next day delivery.

If you don’t know us – we are a local family-run print business with in-house design and print facilities – meaning we actually design and print your job in-house, we don’t buy it online because you could do that yourself!

For further guidelines on opening for business you may find the link below useful…

BRC Re-Opening Guidelines

The British Retail Consortium has recently released a set of guidelines, providing a list of recommendations for the safe re-opening of retail stores alongside social distancing measures.

  • Limit the number of customers in the store at any time.
  • Use clear signage throughout the store.
  • Use floor markings to comply with the social distancing advice of 2m.
  • Consider one-way systems using floor markings and signage.
  • Erect physical barriers at till points using a counter screen
  • Hand hygiene and social distancing notices should be placed visibly.

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