In a time when e-cards are beginning to replace hand-delivered festive offerings, pupils from across Bedfordshire are keeping the traditional of Christmas card printing alive – while raising funds for their school.

Fidelity Design & Print, in Bedford, has worked with several schools across Bedfordshire to offer personalised Christmas card printing – plus thank you notes and gift tags  – which parents and relatives are flocking to buy. Money raised from the sale goes towards the schools.

Children from Russell Lower School, Ampthill, raised almost £500 this year for their school with their personal designs. “Every year the children look forward to producing the artwork for their Christmas cards, and knowing that it will be published is a real motivation!” comments Mrs Walker, Head teacher of Russell Lower School.  “We all look forward to seeing the ‘real thing’ when it comes back to school.  Fidelity produce the cards to a very high standard and the children are always very proud of their achievements.” 

“I love making my Christmas card!  This year I made a Christmas tree and it looks really good now it’s a real card.  I’ve written them to all my family.” Pupil from Russell Lower School.

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