Printed Xmas cards are a great way to remind customers that you exist and you’ll set yourself apart from your competitors. You can use them to wish your customers a happy Christmas but also make them an offer to drive or win back their business.

It’s proven that print marketing is the most successful channel for getting a response but, even though Christmas card printing isn’t expensive, the postal costs can make it feel like an expensive project. It’s important that you can see a measurable response and a return on your investment so here are some quick tips to use Xmas card printing and ensure many happy returns…

  • Thank your customers for their business by offering them a discount or voucher for a product of service
  • Reactivate old customers with an offer similar to above
  • Invite customers to a special Christmas event
  • Make an exclusive Christmas or New year offer
  • Send a card extra early to gain their interest in a festive product or event, like a Christmas party, with a discount if they book
  • Make your Xmas card dual purpose by encompassing a novelty loyalty card within your design or just enclose a loyalty card separately
  • Include a voucher code for an online purchase
  • Include tear off coupons to redeem in store
  • Ask them to leave you a review in return for entry into a competition
  • Offer a special gift for them if they fill in the attached refer a friend form

Measure response

If your Christmas card printing strategy is to encourage customers to come in to your store make sure you receive the voucher/coupon etc and hold onto it in order to measure your response rate.

If you are encouraging people to go online make sure you set up a way of measuring:

  • set a unique code for this campaign
  • set up a landing page on your website and measure hits in your analytics
  • use QR codes to take customers online to the above page – you can measure response where you set up the code
  • ask them to follow you on social media to join a competition and measure new followers

Whatever you do – make sure it is measurable!

Order your Printed Christmas cards below or email us  attach your images, logo and message to your order and we’ll send a proof back asap. If you don’t have an image you can choose from thousands in our photo library instead.

Happy Christmas and many happy returns from all at Fidelity.